Our blueberry jam is a delicious filling for this beautiful tart. This recipe reminds me of a linzer cookie as it has a delicious cookie texture.

This blueberry tart was not difficult to make, but I will share a few tips that might help with putting it together. First, I suggest using wax paper rather than parchment paper to roll it out. Wax paper is much easier to peel away from the dough and less likely to stick. Second I recommend forming the dough into roughly a smaller version of the shape you are rolling it out to before setting it in the fridge to rest. This makes it easier not to waste any dough. Lastly, I would let the dough rest at least an hour and 15 minutes in the fridge before rolling it out. This will make it easier to work with. I did not do this for the bottom of the tart and it was still too warm to work with and ended up giving me some trouble when forming it into the tin. Luckily the dough is pretty forgiving and I was able to patch it together.

Check out the recipe here in Go Bold with Butter.


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